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    Tubing is available in up to 18 Foot Lengths. Can be cut for UPS shipment. Be advised, UPS charges substantial shipping fees ($100+) for lengths over 7'. All shipping costs are calculated at the time of shipping and will be added to the order.

    Stock orders usually ship within one week. Fabricated assemblies shipped per quotation.

    Woolf Aircrafts fabricates up to 7" Diameter Tube Assemblies and Elbows for Aircraft, Automotive, Diesel & Turbine Engines. We also Heli-arc Weld, Swage, Bead, Torch-Braze, Bend, Flare, Weld, Stamp and do Sheet Metal Fabrication.

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    Due to popular demand, Woolf Aircraft will now be stocking collectors.  Woolf Aircraft's collectors are CNC milled to ensure perfect fitment, and TIG welded by experienced certified welders; offering our customers one of the finest pieces in the industry.  Each collector is made from 16 gauge (0.065" wall) 304 Stainless Steel. 

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    Woolf Aircraft's transitions are offered in three different types.  Our conical transitions are smooth cones for optimal exhaust flow and cover a larger transition range than any other transition.  Step-Up transitions are a great transition for someone who is not looking for as large of a transition range.  A slip fit transition is the easiest of our transitions to fabricate with, since they require only a lap joint and not a butt joint.

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    Special savings on these non-standard bent elbows. Hurry, we are not making any more of these parts.  Once they are gone, so is your opportunity to save money.  Please click on the .pdf to view our Surplus list.

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    Our flanges are laser cut from 304 stainless steel. Flanges are normally in stock, and custom flanges can be produced in two days.

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